This site is just for me. A place from which I can share my thoughts and reflections about both serious and trivial matters as I see fit. When I embarked upon this project I saw it as a place from which Cheryl and I could entertain and teach the kids even though we are removed from them . It seemed quite stright-forward. However, as time and circumstances have changed I want to have a place from which I can speak in my own voice. Don’t know as yet how much I’ll include on this site but I feel better for having it.

In retirement music has become more important to me. Music both soothes and stimulates me. I’m very excited about being more creative with my music. While not engaged in a formal learning program I am studying both the structure and performance of music more seriously than I ever have before. While exposed to a great musician as a child I had no clue nor interest in pursuing how to really master music. Now in my waning moments I am excited to learn as much as I can and to pass that along through recording. Guess we’ll just have to see how far I get.

Photography, though tremendously different since the days I had my Minolta SRT-101, remains an interest. Previously I was more interested in the techniques of capturing photos. I find this less important in the days of the instant on-screen edit. Composition, color, printing fall by the wayside as on-line presentation takes the fore. The pic that goes with this is a classic example as I plucked the flower from an original containing a bunch of flowers and enhance it with photo editing tools.